Should we be paying more attention to conversion rather than recruitment??

Interesting report published today by the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB): Career Portfolios and the Labour Market for Graduates and Postgraduates in the UK’.  It’s the first in a series of NCUB reports commissioned by HEFCE on business requirements for graduate and postgraduate skills. Employers said that in some sectors the degree subject is no longer sufficient to identify the best candidates and that in a modern economy they seek agile staff who can adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

The finding that graduates who move between sectors and job roles early in their career are more valued than those who do not move, may come as a surprise to graduates and HE providers, for whom advice has emphasised a focus on developing skills and experience in a particular subject or sector of employment.

Engineering is a subject with relatively few mature applicants – should we be paying some attention to career switchers?  Views welcome…

You can read the report here:


  1. There used to be a sizable MSc market for people wanting to switch careers, called conversion courses. Many did not like the concept as it was perceived to be of a low standard, but this of course need not be so.
    I do not know the proportion of conversion courses currently being offered, can anyone help?

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