Quick poll: how does your university allocate its QR funding

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How does your university allocate the Funding Council's Quality-Related funding it receives (based on the outcome of the REF)?

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  1. Professor Marian Wiercigroch says

    A lack of transparency and a strategic view how these funds could be used more effectively. In view is a manifestation of a lack of leadership. Principals and senior managers should be at the same scrutiny as football managers and they should the same term-assessments as we give students to assess our courses.

  2. Glen McHale says

    The UoAs are not necessarily limited to one department – one department can correspond to one UoA, but a department can have staff in more than one UoA (and vice versa).

    Some QR is retained centrally for use in I) cross-University multidisciplinary research on the basis of a bid-aproval approach, and ii) research studentship funding.

    Funds from I) broadly come back to the Faculty in which they were earned. Funds for ii) slightly less so although there is a strong link.

    The Faculty then receives QR and allocates it to UoAs in proportion to how it was earned and tracks both UoA and departmental investment from QR (via which staff receive support and which UoA and Department those staff are affiliated to). Funds are available to all staff to bid for irrespective of whether they were named in the REF2014 submission and their UoA is determined by the fit to their research. All Faculty received QR is used to support research.

    The above is the system as it operates, but it may be not all staff understand that is how it works as the checks and balances tracking where funds end up are less obvious than the bidding that takes place.

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