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Help – I can’t get the pdf file to open or download…

This isn’t a website problem, it’s most likely to be a browser problem…

There are some known faults when trying to download or view pdfs in certain browsers.


Chrome iconIf you have a problem when using Chrome, try the following:
type “Chrome:plugins” into the Chrome browser address bar. You should now see a list of “plug-ins”. Scroll down to “Chrome pdf viewer” (about 6th one down) and disable it.
Then check that you’ve got the latest version of Adobe – if you scroll down a bit further, you should see “Adobe reader”. Check to see whether it has “Download Critical Security update” next to it, and if so, click to update.

See also: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/142056?hl=en-GB


firefox logoUsing Firefox generally works but if you do happen to encounter problems, the most common issue is slightly different to the one encountered with Chrome. While in Chrome, the document won’t open or download at all, in Firefox, it usually does, but in Firefox’s latest version, it opens the document in its own viewer which users are reporting as not “fit for purpose”: it displays/prints wrong typefaces with bad character spacing, sometimes displays pages as completely blank, prints some colours and not others etc. To fix this, try the following:
Type “about:config” in your Firefox browser address bar.
Enter “pdf” into the search box.
This will return a number of files with “pdf” in the title. Select “pdfjs.disabled” and change the word “false” in the column headed “values” to “true”. This has the effect of disabling the viewer function and enabling you to download the pdf which you can then open in Adobe.

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2019 Briefing: The Impact of Brexit on engineering research funding pdf_icon  

Initial impact of Brexit on European students and academic staff inUK’s engineering higher education (EPC research in collaboration with with UCL Centre for Engineering Education)

pdf_icon Presented at SEFI Annual Conference
2016 The Engenius Guide to film-making – Emma Carter (EPC-funded Engaging in Engineering project) pdf_icon  
2015 The role of EU membership in UK science and engineering research pdf_icon  
2015 Children as Engineers: Paired Peer Mentors in Primary Schools (EPC-funded Engaging in Engineering project) pdf_icon Fogg-Rogers 2016 Paired Peer Learning through European Journal of Engineering Education 
2015 Ingenious resilience: messages for a new Government (in collaboration with Cambridge University Science Policy Exchange – CUSPE) pdf_icon  
2014 Engineering Skills: Perkins Review Progress Report Download BIS report Download full report from E4E
2014 An engineering ethics curriculum map Download from RAEng
2013 Summary: estimating the ability of UK university engineering departments to double their capacity to respond to the demand for trained engineers Analysis of results of poll
2013 infoBrief: The impact of the UK’s new visa regulations on the recruitment of engineering staff and students  
2012  HE STEM Unemployment of Engineering Graduates    
2011 HE STEM Programme: Designing the Future – Engineering Education Colloquia series  
2009 Assessment of Learning Outcomes in Engineering (ALOE) Final Report Link to underpinning work
2008 Advanced Diploma in Engineering    
2007 The Costs of Teaching Engineering Degrees: ETB-EPC Study              
1996 Open learning in Engineering Education    
1996 Quality management framework    
1994 A practical approach to Quality Management in HE    
 1993 Developments in first degree courses in engineering    
 1992 Quality assurance in higher education    
 1992 Assessment methods in engineering degree courses