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We all have demanding jobs.  It seems there is always someone asking us to teach an extra course, propose how we might change our programmes to improve the employability of our students, write another impact case study, apply for another grant. When do we find time to make our contribution to the national debates on student recruitment and research funding for engineering?  How do we make our voices heard on the unique and positive contribution all of the engineering disciplines have to make on the future health of UK Plc?  How do we provide input to development of the schools’ curriculum to give students the best preparation to study engineering at university?   Where can you find help when you are invited to lead a team for the first time, be it as a Principal Investigator, Head of Department or even Dean or Pro Vice-Chancellor (PVC)?  Where can you access a network of experienced people to help with validation, accreditation, performance review or mock REF?

Of course, we all have our professional networks but the Engineering Professors’ Council is the only body which represents the interests of the engineering disciplines right across higher education in the UK.  Our Committee are all experienced PVCs, Deans, current or former heads of department, programme directors, research leaders and/or representatives of their professional bodies.  Our Patrons are high profile and well-respected in Government, business and academia alike.

Membership subscription rates for 2021/22

Annual Review 2020

Benefits of membership

We are active on your behalf:

  • Authoritative: our evidence and views are referenced extensively in the outcome of Government consultations and our views pro-actively sought.
  • Collaborative: we work with all the major engineering bodies – the Engineering Council, Engineering UK, the Royal Academy of Engineering, professional institutions,  etc. plus the Campaign for Science and Engineering and the broader funding and regulatory bodies to name but a few.  This means we have the best chance of making our message heard in a way that is consistent and impactful…and you get more “bang for your buck”.  We are also seeking to extend our membership benefits by working with you personally to identify mentors or advisors for those of you taking on new leadership roles.
  • Thought leaders: we carry out and commission independent research to provide an evidence base for policy development.
  • Influential: we are invited regularly to nominate members to participate on curriculum review panels, provide evidence at consultations etc.  Members of our Committee have gone on to lead the professional bodies and other institutions.
  • Value for money: on average, the annual membership subscription works out at less than £20 per full time equivalent permanent member of academic staff, per year.  And we can save you time by providing access to evidence bases, information and other tools to help you in some of the administrative aspects of your job.
  • Engineers: above all, we’re engineers, working for engineering and creating the engineers of tomorrow.