Keith Attwood

Keith AttwoodKeith Attwood is CEO of e2v, a Chelmsford based global technology company specialising in the manufacture and design of technology solutions, systems and components. The products e2v manufacture are used in a diverse range of high performance applications including not only space imaging and advanced medical therapy, but also energy saving industrial processing systems. Keith joined e2v as Managing Director in 1998 and has firmly positioned the company as an industry leader, delivering technological innovations that have won a variety of prestigious awards.  In line with Keith’s deep commitment to corporate responsibility, he has led the initiative to move beyond environmental responsibility by electing to be measured against the full Corporate Responsibility index.  Under Keith’s management e2v also has a strong record of engaging with all levels of academia, from schools to universities, including having been involved in collaborations with the University of Nottingham and The Open University.   In addition to his duties as company executive, Keith has also served as Chair of the CBI East of England Regional Council, and he is currently Chair of the CBI Education and Skills Committee.