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EPC Engineering Education and Employability committee member and Perkins Group contributor on specialist skills, Catherine Hobbs (Head of Department, UWE) on how part-time postgraduate study can help ease industry’s skills problem… but only if universities prove to businesses the direct benefits of investment.  The Engineering, 18 July, 2014


EPC responds to “Engineering graduates have been taught to pass exams rather than being given useful skills” criticism. The Engineer, 8 May, 2014


EPC 20th Anniversary Award Winner Laura Pickard’s winning essay featured in The Engineer, 28 April, 2014 


Susan Kay, Executive Director, interviewed for article in Nature on the impact of changes to immigration policy on UK science and engineering. Feb, 2014

THE image Susan Kay, Executive Director quoted in Jack Grove’s article on the latest (2013/14) enrolment figures to UK engineering departments. Engineering recruitment back on track. 7 November, 2013
THE image Jack Grove, Times Higher Education reports on EPC’s concerns about the impact of the visa regulations on research capacity “Funded young researchers refused entry to UK, professional body warns: 30 May 2013

THE image EPC former President and committee member Professor Fred Maillardet responds to reports of the “abolition” of examinations in HE – not so for engineering…Made to Measure.  Times Higher Education 3rd Juanuary 2013.
EPC 2012/13 early enrolments poll and quote from Professor Dik Morling, Chair of EPC’s Admissions Working Group included in article in The Sunday Times of 18 November, 2012 entitled “Britain loses its knack for engineering.”
THE image EPC 2012/13 early enrolments poll indicating faltering demand from overseas students and the financial implications for engineering departments reported by Jack Grove in articleSpanner in the industrial works as engineering degrees lose traction” in the Times Higher Education of 15 November 2012.
         Holly Else has recently interviewed our President Professor Helen Atkinson and her resulting published article entitled “Learning to live with the Reforms” can be found here.  For an article in the July 2011 issue of Professional Engineering magazine regarding risks to Engineering education, please click here.
For an article entitled “Something’s not adding up” written by EPC President, Professor Helen Atkinson and recently published in the Public Service Review: UK Science & Technology 03, please click here.
THE image Paul Jump in the 18th August 2011 issue of  Times Higher Education entitled ‘Engineering a solution to turbulence’.

EPC President, Professor Helen Atkinson, has had an article published in the June 2011 edition of Ingenia Magazine.

To see an article by the EPC for prospective overseas engineering students, click here and turn to page 130.
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2006 Letter to the Times  For former President Tony Unsworth’s letter to the Times on the contribution of engineering degrees to widening career choices.