Fees for PhD programmes…a question…

Fees for doctoral students (ie home / EU PhDs) seem to be about £4k pa for the few universities I have looked at. Yet, fees for home / EU undergrad courses are typically £9k pa. It does not seem logical to me that the higher level course is about half the price. Have I missed something? If not, please discuss…

Professor Alison Hodge, Aston University


  1. Patrick Degenaar says

    Hi Alison,

    It seems does seem strange but I suspect it boils down to two economic points:
    1. Student financing: UG students can borrow to pay the 9k fees. PhD students cannot. so raising the fees would significantly reduce the number of available scholarships and make PG study very difficult for self funded students
    2. contact time: It may well be in engineering we see PhD students for an hour or more a day, (compared to once per month in others) but that is still much less staff contact time compared to UG students.

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