Committee election rules

The EPC’s Memorandum of Association of January 2009 provides that:

“33. Elections for the following members of the EPC Committee shall be held during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Council.
b. Ordinary members: Vacancies among the seven ordinary members shall be filled by election at the Annual General Meeting with, normally, at least two members elected each year. Ordinary members shall be Full Members of the Council at the time of election and shall serve for a period of three years and shall not normally be eligible for immediate re-election.”

At its meeting on 12th April 2010, the EPC Committee decided on procedures for conducting elections when there are more candidates than places available; these were accepted by the AGM on 13th April 2010, and put into practice at that meeting.  Candidates should be nominated and seconded by EPC members, by a deadline specified in the invitation to members to attend the AGM; they are invited to submit 100 to 200 word manifestos to be circulated to those attending the AGM.  At the AGM, each EPC member may vote (by secret ballot) for as many candidates as there are vacancies on the Committee; those with the highest number of votes are elected.  The President has a casting vote, to be exercised if there is a tie for the last place available on the Committee.

With effect from the AGM 2011, only individuals from universities which have paid their  subscription for the current academic year, by at least two weeks before the AGM, are  eligible to stand for election and/or vote at the AGM.