Claiming expenses

The EPC expense claim form may be downloaded below either as a spread sheet to fill in electronically or a pdf file to print before completing.

Policy on claims for travel and subsistence

Main Committee, sub Committee and working group members will incur expenses as a result of attendance at meetings of those groups and as a result of being asked to attend other events to represent the Engineering Professors’ Council (EPC).  Where Main Committee and sub Committee/working group members are unable to claim these expenses through their own universities, it is the policy of the EPC to contribute to such costs as outlined below.

  1. We endeavour to publish the calendar of meetings for the following year by the end of the preceding academic year to enable members to keep travel costs to a minimum by booking in advance.
  2. The cost of cheapest available advance rail travel or economy air travel may be claimed.  For those choosing to travel by car, the amount claimed should not be more than the cheapest available advance or economy class public transport fare.  The latest mileage rate may be found on the EPC expenses form.  Claims for car mileage in special circumstances (such as where a train journey is un-necessarily time-consuming or complicated) should be approved individually, and in advance, by the Executive Director or Treasurer.  Essentially, colleagues are asked to exercise discretion and reasonability to help manage costs.
  3. The costs for drinks and snacks etc. will not be met other than in exceptional circumstances (such as severely delayed travel).
  4. All expense claims must be submitted to the Engineering Professors’ Council office (details on the expenses form) within 3 months of the date that the expense was incurred for approval and payment.


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